October-2017 Newsletter

“Janelle” found us on her phone through Google after we recently launched a campaign to reach those seeking abortion. She was not a young woman, but instead was a 40-year-old mom of 3 children. She had taken a home test and was shocked when it came out positive. Her shock led to panic as she researched and ordered abortion pills on line.
“Janelle” called us wanting more information about her abortion procedure and what to expect as she took the pills. We offered to make an appointment to see if the pregnancy was viable before she made any further decisions.When “Janelle” arrived, she was determined to take the pills to terminate. “Janelle” was far enough along for an ultrasound and the ultrasound provided her with an even bigger shock…TWINS.
She cried uncontrollably and was uncertain what she would do. “Janelle” wanted to talk with her boyfriend and left scared and in shock that her unplanned pregnancy had resulted in twins. Over the next few days we got to work praying! A few days later we made contact with “Janelle”. Through the love, support, and prayer we offered, “Janelle” said, “I am so thankful for CHOICES. We are going to have our babies.” Janelle will be returning soon for another ultrasound appointment and we will continue to love on her and offer her all we have as walk alongside her and her boyfriend.

YOUR partnership and support allow us to always provide the hope of Christ and quality careto all who walk through our doors. I can only imagine the outcome she may have had without finding us on her phone through our Google advertising. Now we will help her live out her decision through on-going care programs and prayer.YOU are changing and saving lives!

Until there are 0…


  • We launched STD Testing and women seeking abortion now are advised of further health risks in having an abortion and scheduled to return for an appointment.
  • We started FLOURISH, our Life Coaching program, November 6th and have 7 women signed up to work on changing their live!

2 thoughts on “October-2017 Newsletter

  1. Hi, My name is Randy and after having another organization talk at our church (WaterStone Fellowship) this past Sunday, I decided to look at their website. Disappointed is an understatement. Then I decided to search for specific pro-life pregnancy services and found your website. Our community is so BLESSED to have your organization based truly on the sanctity of life, filled with prayer, support and hope for those with unplanned pregnancies and helping them choose life and life in Christ.
    Over a twenty plus year career in post secondary education administration, In Canada, Florida and Colorado,. my student orientation speech was Your Past Does Not Have to Define Your Future But… The voices you listen to, the choices you make have consequences..
    Truly, your services speak to that much more eloquently than I ever did… Thank you for helping women (and men) choose life!

    1. Randy,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging post! We are blessed by the prayers, encouragement, and support of members of our community like yourself. You are so right – our past does NOT define our future!

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