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December 2019 Newsletter

As we say so long 2019 and hello to a new decade, I am especially reminded of many babies who have experienced their FIRST Christmas and New Years because of YOUR partnership. Moms, dads, grandparents, and friends who can’t imagine life any other way! YOUR generous support changes the outcome as hundreds of babies have been saved and hearts transformed.


Alayna & Braxton


Charlissa & Reece


Kayla & Jaxson


Melinda & Raven


Michel & Rose


Adopted & Loved

What does every picture have in common? A mom who was at an abortion clinic or on her way who found CHOICES and made the BEST choice! Alayna a Disney student who at the time couldn’t see another way around her unplanned pregnancy. Charlissa who broke up with her boyfriend and felt she had no alternative. Kayla at 15 with straight A’s and working towards college who walked out of the abortion clinic. Michel who took the first abortion pill and prayed her baby would live.

How about this couple who were desperately waiting for a baby and one of our moms who chose life chose them to l ove their baby forever through the miracle of adoption. This is a small glimpse of the lives you have invested in this year with over 700 who have come through our doors that have chosen LIFE.

We are thankful for YOUR investment that is incalculable to the FIRSTS and God’s absolute plan for a hope and future for each child, mom, dad and the families represented. May you experience the true joy of giving as each and every day your investment is at work in changing lives and saving lives! Thank YOU and a very blessed 2020 to you!

Until there are 0…


UCF Here We Come!

We closed & own property 1 mile from campus.

We are finalizing building plans and will break ground and build a beautiful clinic in 2020.



Latte For LIFE – February 11th Galentine Girls Night Out

November 2019 Newsletter

As we have wrapped up Thanksgiving and launch into Christmas festivities, we hope you will pause for a moment. A moment to enjoy the tremendous investment you have made in transforming hearts and saving lives at CHOICES! Your gift provides every resource we offer and it results in saved lives.

“Becky” and “David” found us on Google and arrived determined to abort their baby. The ultrasound that day was early and, although impressed with a heartbeat and appreciative of our services, they left with the same decision: abortion. We also offer abortion-minded women an STD test, since this increases the health risk to having a surgical abortion. Becky also received this free service at her visit. The results came back positive and we tried many times to reach her with the news. Finally, after exhausting all contact options, we sent her a certified letter and closed the file – CANNOT CONTACT. The next day she called us and came in for her test results.

A few days after that, Becky called us to make another appointment. When she and David came for the appointment, she said they were still going to have an abortion. Our nurse said, “since you’re here, would you like another ultrasound?” They agreed and, at nine weeks, their little one was moving and shaking and even gave them a little wave. Both Becky and David were laughing and smiling at their baby. With tears in her eyes, Becky said, “This changes everything”. David asked for extra copies of the ultrasound pictures so they could share the news with their parents.

What a reminder that God never gives up on His divine appointments made at CHOICES! We do our part, but better than that, He does His! We are so thankful for you because lives like Becky and David can be spared the devastation of abortion. We are thankful for a dream team staff and volunteers who go the extra mile and are ready to serve in season and out. And we are incredibly blessed by a Father who goes before us and never, ever, ever gives up on us.

I believe Becky and David will remember this day all the days of their lives. And our Father will bless you for blessing CHOICES so together we can trust His faithfulness!

Until there are 0…


UCF Here We Come!

Closing on Alafaya Property 1 Mile from UCF December 10th



Latte For LIFE – February 11th Galentine Girls Night Out

October 2019 Newsletter

Thank you for your gift of life! Thank you for saving babies and transforming lives every day single day with us at CHOICES. Sometimes the story may hit close to home because the issue of unplanned pregnancy is one, we can all relate to, we all have experienced ourselves or know someone personally who has.Recently we received a call from a supporter of CHOICES. She asked to make an appointment for her son’s girlfriend. She stated that the relationship between she and her husband and their son had been strained and distant. “David” had contacted them to let them know his girlfriend was pregnant. “Angela” had been calling clinics inquiring about abortion procedures and prices. David’s mom told him about Choices Women’s Clinic and offered to call to schedule an appointment for them to come here before they made a decision

A few days later, David, his mom and Angela arrived for the appointment. Angela met with one of our dedicated volunteer advocates. When the pregnancy had been confirmed by our medical staff, David was invited back to witness the ultrasound along with Angela.

David’s mom shared he was hoping he and Cassie would get married and begin their family with this child, but that her family was pressuring her to abort. Angela also felt certain David’s parents would probably judge her and not accept her. David told his parents that he wanted to propose to Cassie, and they helped him purchase an engagement ring. This generosity and willingness to help with the appointment at CHOICES softened David’s heart toward them, and began to show Angela they could accept and love her.

David had walked away from the Lord when he separated from the family and Angela had no faith background or relationship with Christ. During the appointment, our volunteer presented the Good News of the Gospel, and Angela prayed to receive Christ as her Savior. The ultrasound confirmed life to them and David and Angela chose life! God restored family relationships and began something new that day!

Thank you for your investment in restoring relationships and saving lives here on earth and into eternity. Lives and stories that are real that we can all relate to by the grace of God!

Until there are 0…


Phase 1 of the UCF CAMPAIGN Achieved

We will close on the property 1 mile from the campus in December


2020 UCF CAMPAIGN Phase 2

Raise 1 Million to Build the Clinic

September 2019 Newsletter

We are beyond blessed by your faithfulness and partnership to CHOICES! You stand with us on the front line every day. You provide our lights to be on, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and std tests to be run at no cost to those we serve. This is one of many ways we sow into their lives with no financial gain. Another powerful way we sow is in prayer.

Often, I am challenged by the very real, very messy, very overwhelming scenarios that represent heart breaking circumstances. Every two weeks we update our board in our prayer room of the most recent abortion determined patients who we believe need extra prayers to see them through. Prayer moves the hand of God!

Here is a glimpse of just half of our prayer board of the most urgent requests.


Although they have been loved well, had an ultrasound, saw their baby, were informed of their choices, and the hope of Jesus was shared, prayer matters. We don’t have the power to change a person’s heart, but we know the Lord does! Like “T” who was raped and had two previous abortions. Not only did she choose life, but she is interested in knowing more about Jesus and now partaking in FLOURISH, our Life Coaching program.

The resources you provide allow us to surround each woman and man who walk through our doors to be met with the love of Christ with the power of prayer. YOUR gift is saving lives, pushing back the darkness, and building the Kingdom!

Until there are 0…


  • 35th Celebration Benefit Dinner • October 17
  • UCF CAMPAIGN Phase 1
  • 100 Days to $400,000
  • Currently at $310,000!

August 2019 Newsletter

Every day we see women and men seeking an abortion and every day we see the Lord working on the front line. YOUR gifts allow us to be ready every day for every divine appointment that walks through our doors! YOUR participation literally can mean life and death both physically and eternally.

“Susan” walked through our doors, 26, alone, a single mom of a 4-year-old. She found us on Google looking for an abortion. Believing she was not ready for another child, Susan felt this was her best option. Although she had an abortion a few years ago, she was unaware of the potential health risks even though she understood the after effects of abortion.

That particular day Susan met with one of our new volunteer advocates. As Susan talked about her loneliness, Christine mentioned someone she could always talk to, always turn to and will always be with her. Susan wanted to know more about Jesus and having a relationship with Him. After Christine shared, Susan said she wanted to know how to have that and was led in a beautiful prayer of salvation.

When the ultrasound was done and Susan saw her beautiful baby, she could no longer consider abortion. She left CHOICES that day with a decision to carry her baby and a new relationship with Jesus who will never leave her nor forsake her. As Christine shared the story with us tears were rolling down her cheeks as she said, “Thank you for allowing me to be a volunteer at CHOICE.”

Every day…every single one who walks through our doors sees the work of the Lord, including our faithful volunteers. I hope and pray you see that too through this testimony. Together we are agents of change for the Gospel, loving well and often blessed to see it right before our eyes. Thank you for your faithful partnership!

I hope you heard the GOOD NEWS! We have a contract on a premier property 1.3 miles from UCF campus on Carrigan and Alafaya. Please join us in prayer and support during this strategic time! You will find all the details at

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  • RESERVE YOUR SEAT • October 17, 2019
  • Benefit Dinner • Celebrating 35 Years
  • JOIN US FOR THE UCF CAMPAIGN Phase 1 100 Days to $400,000

July 2019 Newsletter

Often times it is difficult to explain all that goes on at CHOICES in a given week and even more so to communicate how impactful your investment is to us! Trust me when I say, YOUR gift is changing and saving lives.

A mother was with her 20-year-old daughter at OWC late-term abortion clinic. They were so adamant about their decision and did not want to talk with John who stands outside that clinic. After coming in and out and yelling at him all day they chose to come to CHOICES. Here they were loved, they were treated with dignity, and here they chose life for their baby!

An 18-year-old had her abortion scheduled but was attracted by our services to confirm her pregnancy was viable through ultrasound. When she saw her baby on ultrasound and began to cry, acknowledging this was her baby. She canceled her abortion scheduled for the next day with Planned Parenthood and has chosen life!

A 24-year-old was enlisting in the army and could not enlist pregnant. Her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion so they came to CHOICES. Together they realized they could indeed make a different choice…a choice to give life to their baby and they did.

A 19-year-old student did not want anyone to know she was pregnant and came seeking abortion. Her boyfriend wanted her to abort. She came back for a second ultrasound and in spite of all the pressure to abort she bravely chose life for her unborn child.

A 30-year-old arrived wanting an abortion and her pregnancy test was negative. She prayed to receive Christ and said, “Please tell me how I can do that. I want that for my life.”

A 26-year-old came for two ultrasounds and chose abortion. A week later she returned shattered, broken and needing to talk to us.

You are a part of happy endings of every given week! We also know there were many others who passed through our doors that are still deciding and some that have chosen to have an abortion. We know that the Lord is writing the story for each and there are no mistakes with each one walking through our doors.

Together we celebrate the victories, together we contend for those still making their decisions, and together we weep with those who weep! Thank you that together, we offer healthy choices through respect, dignity, and the power of the Holy Spirit in every given week.

Until there are 0…


  • Dinner Table Host Receptions August 21 & 22
  • HOLD THE DATE • October 17, 2019
    Benefit Dinner • Celebrating 35 Years
  • PRAY for UCF location…in the works!